Our story

Jitka tasted her first spontaneous beer in Belgium back in 2011 and immediately fell in love. Being a winemaker herself and with her husband running a small local rewery, it was not long before Jitka decided to combine these two worlds to found the Wild Creatures Brewery.

Wild Creatures

Just like Belgian lambic, our beer is brewed in the cold months using old. The wort is cooled in open vats and joined by the local microflora, which we love to call “Wild Creatures“. These creatures are responsible for the character of our beer. As the brewery is located among vineyards , it is more wine-like compared to the lambics of the Zenne valley.


The wort is moved into old wine barrels, which we brought all the way from France. And then we wait. Six - nine months for the wild ales, two years for our spontaneous ales and even longer for the Reserve selection. Every barrel is different and they all have to be checked at regular intervals. With just under two hundred barrels, this is apleasant yet demanding responsibility.