Jitka Ilčíková

email: , tel: +420 774 859 438

Jitka is our founder, master blender and the soul of the brewery. With deep knowledge of all things spontaneous she's a frequent speaker at conferences worldwide. When she's not travelling you will find taking samples from all her barrels and making predictions few understand. If you're looking for a tour or a tasting, she's the right one to call.

Ladislav Vrtiš

email: , tel: +420 608 056 556

Ladislav discovered lambic on his trips to Belgium and just couldn't stop going back for more. He partnered up with Jitka in 2020 and helped to open the new brewery a year later. Back in 2015 he founded Raven brewing in Pilsen and now runs the sales and distribution of both companies. If you're looking for some beer, he's the person to call.


Mlýnská, Dolní Dunajovice